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I’m Morgan Nield

Hey there!

I’m a small town mama with 2 gorgeous kiddos, a passion for #allthingsdisney (the teacups at Disneyland are my fave!), and a flat-out OBSESSION with teaching women how to build ridiculously profitable businesses that fit INTO their lives— and not the other way around.

It didn’t start out all unicorns and rainbows though (shhh! Don’t tell my seven-year-old daughter that!)

How it Started

At age 25, I had my first child (a girl born with tons of jet-black hair!), and 2 weeks later my world turned upside down when I was diagnosed with a severe case of postpartum depression and anxiety that made it physically (and emotionally) impossible to return to work at my corporate gig. 

It didn’t take me long before another to quickly realize another truth bomb: motherhood wasn’t a natural fit for me. 

I struggled with the isolation (I would call my hubby on the phone 3x/day just to talk to SOMEONE). The daily monotony of diaper changes. The cabin-fever of being stuck home with a newborn all day.  

But mostly? I struggled because I didn’t feel like ME anymore. I had taken EVERYTHING unique about myself— my hobbies, my talents, my passions— and given it all up to focus 100% on my new role as a mother…because that’s what I *thought* I was supposed to do.  

And it was


And so— inspired by a power greater than my own— I decided to start an Etsy shop side hustle to help me “cope” with these new internal struggles. I yearned for something— ANYTHING— that would give me fulfillment BEYOND this new role of mama that I’d crashed headfirst into.

You are NOT “just” the role you fill (be it motherhood, corporate employee, caretaker, WHATEVER)— the fact that you are human means you are SO much more dynamic than “just” anything.

And those passions inside of you (you know— the topics you can talk about nonstop all day)? I firmly believe they were put there for a reason.

Whether I’m sharing about how to set up an insanely profitable Etsy shop  or how to scale your businesses with profitable passive income streams, I’m here to help you build a creatively fulfilling business that supports YOUR lifestyle…and NOT the other way around. 


That single “coping mechanism” experiment on Etsy earned me over $100,000 my first year and has morphed into an online business that has generated me over $1.5 million dollars in revenue since then. 


As “out of the blue” as my entrepreneurial start seemed at the time, it probably shouldn’t have surprised me when I think back to the bustling basement “business” I ran with my sister + friends during my childhood summers.

Now let’s channel them into something incredible (+ profitable!) together! 

Wanna know a secret? 

You are 100% capable of creating your OWN business magic...you just need a little nudge in the right direction. 

(even Cinderella needed a little help!)

Let’s get started

My overnight success story took many years (+ a little perseverance-style pixie dust) to happen:


Graduated BYU with a degree in Events Management

Married Jake (← best decision EVER!)

Landed my first job working for the federal government as a clerk (←worst decision ever)


Landed my “dream job” as event manager at a national book publishing company

Schmoozed my way through events with Tom Brokaw, Jane Seymour, Kylie Minogue, Michael York, and so many more!


Had my first baby (a girl!) and got diagnosed with severe postpartum depression and psychosis 2 weeks later

Decided to try my hand at “online business” as a way to distract myself + provide for my family

Opened my Etsy shop, Little Highbury, to $1,200 in November


Earned my first $100K within 12 months on Etsy selling baby headbands (of all things!)

Spent A LOT of time streamlining to create a business that ran by itself. 


Added baby hats to product line

Continued to sell multiple six-figures on Etsy

Launched a (failed) attempt at crib sheets


Added baby swaddles to product line

Continued to sell multiple six-figures on Etsy


Created my first online course (Mastermind Your Marketing) and enrolled 68 students

Launched my course a second time and gained 120 more students

Finally figured I was onto something ;)


Got pregnant with baby #2 and promptly got diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum

Had my first multi-six figure launch of Mastermind Your Marketing

Closed my Etsy shop to focus full-time on MorganNield.com + COURSES

Gave birth to a healthy baby boy (with NO postpartum depression side effects!)


Enrolled hundreds of more students into Mastermind Your Marketing (1,600+ strong!)

Revamped Mastermind Your Marketing into a streamlined 12-week program

Launched my second course, Simplify Your SEO


Lived through an (ongoing) pandemic

Began homeschooling my daughter (and eating my emotions because IT’S SO HARD)

Started teaching sellers how to add passive income into their businesses


Launching Passive Profit Academy in February (!!!) 

Hop on the wait list!

just married !

baby girl!

course launch!

it’s a boy!

missing that disney life!

Get to know Morgan 

1. If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be:

Chips + fresh salsa (tomatoes are a way of life!)
Gold ole’ spaghetti + meatballs

2. Most likely to binge-watch:

Poldark (LOVE me some period piece drama!)
Hallmark Christmas movies
Saved By The Bell 

3. When I’m not working on my biz, you can find me:

In the kitchen, baking up a storm

4. When I retire, I want to:

Join a competitive couples bowling league with my hubby
Work in the Disneyland confectionary shop window (dream big, right?!)
Live in an RV trailer and travel the entire USA
Learn how to speak French fluently

5. Favorite author:

Jane Austen (Emma all the way!)
Charles Dickens
Agatha Christie (“And Then There Were None” blew my mind!)
Charlotte Bronte

6. Someday I want to:

Create a board game with my hubby

7. Most likely to be friends with:

Fred Weasely
Minerva McGonagall
Luna Lovegood

8. Favorite down-time activity:

Board games with friends

Join a competitive couples bowling league with my hubby

Work in the Disneyland confectionary shop window (dream big, right?!)

Live in an RV trailer and travel the entire USA

Learn how to speak French fluently

Jane Austen (Emma all the way!)

Charles Dickens

Agatha Christie (“And Then There Were None” blew my mind!)

Charlotte Bronte

I can't pick!

Your turn!

Now tell me about you:

I’m just getting started

“I’ve opened my Etsy shop but nothing is selling! How do I actually get people to see my stuff on Etsy?”

Help me, please!

I’m looking for consistency

“I’m stuck in feast-or-famine sales mode and ready to start earning consistent, daily sales that I can bet the mortgage on!”

I’m ready for this!

I’m ready to SCALE! 

‘I’m ready to grow my digital product empire!”

Yes, let’s do this!

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It’s just you, me, and 13,000 online sellers who are serious about upleveling their businesses and not taking “no” for an answer when it comes to building their dreams. 

I have a feeling you’re gonna fit riiiiiiight in!

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