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Our accelerated high-level coaching program + community for handmade business owners ready to simplify their businesses and exponentially grow their revenue through strategic passive income.

Hey there  Etsy Seller:
I see you.

burned out


It’s time to create (+ automate!) a strategic passive income stream for your business that leaves you fulfilled personally, creatively, and financially.

(no $5 printables or graphic design degree required ;)

Ready to exponentially grow your revenue *without* growing your workload or stress levels?

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Tell me if this sounds familiar at all:

You took the leap and suddenly found yourself drowning in a sea of craft supplies, manilla envelopes, and more Instagram posting than ANYONE should have to do (that last caption though? #nailedit). 

You’ve been told all your life that “You should sell that on Etsy!”

And that CREATIVE business you *thought* you were growing?

Turns out that the “creating” part is just a teeny-tiny speck in the overall BIG PICTURE of running a profitable business— and to be honest? You can’t remember the last time you actually felt creatively inspired— because you just don’t have the time for it at this point! 

And so you did.

You’re frazzled. You’re frustrated.

And you’re flat-out EXHAUSTED because you feel like YOU personally have to show up for your business 24/7 or it’s allllll going to disappear overnight. 

(and let’s be real: You are D-O-N-E answering those nonstop “Where’s my package?!” convos that roll in at 11 pm at night. Don’t they understand that you DON’T actually work for USPS?!?! *facepalm*)

…but short of hiring a complete army to help you implement the product creation/ photography/ listing/ marketing/ packaging/ shipping/ customer service/ #allthethings that you’re “supposed to be doing” on any EVERY given day, you’re not sure how any of that is possible in YOUR situation.

You KNOW there’s got to be a better way to run a profitable business and hit that post-it note revenue goal you’ve got stuck on your bathroom mirror…

Instead of running your business, this “creative” hustle of yours is running you (and it’s freaking you out a little!)

Right now, you're stuck.

(“No duh, Morgan!”)

But hear me out on this because there’s a reason WHY

At this exact moment, you’re caught right smack-dab in the middle of a vicious e-commerce sales cycle that isn’t getting you ANYWHERE:

And it just goes on and on and on with no end in sight and no time for anything else.

It feels like a trap, right?!

And unless you’re willing to take a mega cut into your (already limited) handmade profits by hiring a complete team to help you manage the ever-increasing workload (yeppp, let’s add “manage employees” to that mile-long to-do list of yours), there’s no escaping the reality: 

More orders = more work.


You created this business to give you financial freedom and flexibility— but (correct me if I’m wrong!), you *probably* didn’t anticipate you’d lose your personal freedom along the way.

…or that the success of your creative business would 100% be tied into YOU personally showing up 24/7 to get it all done.

When did the “freedom” of working for yourself become the biggest trap of all?!

I want you to take a minute and imagine what it would be like to:

Wake up Monday morning refreshed and EXCITED to work because you know you get to fill your soul with creativity for the week— both IN and OUT of your business

Have a laser-focused vision and strategy for EXACTLY how to grow your business to where YOU want it to be— in a way that is authentic to your lifestyle and who you are as a human being

Watch the sales roll in and know that you have earned that money without having to make + ship a physical product

Pick your kiddos up from school, attend every soccer game, and even volunteer to help organize the upcoming dance fundraiser— and know your business (+ revenue!) is growing even when you’re not actively working on it

Know the products you have created are not only serving you as a creative business owner, but also providing immense value to your customers around the globe

Realize that this incredible business you’ve built has NO income ceiling— truly your imagination is the limit to what you can (and will!) achieve

You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound incredible, right?! ;)

Well get this: All that (and more!) is so, SO possible for you.

(yes, you!)

And it all begins and ends with this *magical* business strategy called PASSIVE INCOME. 

Passive income is your golden ticket to creating a business that leaves you fulfilled personally, creatively, and financially.

But (spoiler alert!) not all passive income is created equal…

And if you’re spending your (limited) time creating + listing $5 printables nonstop to tap into that elusive income stream, you’re short-changing yourself in a big, BIG way.

(and yes, that pun was most definitely intended!)

In 2021, business owners who are making REAL, SIGNIFICANT passive income in their businesses aren’t wasting their time on inexpensive printables; they’re tapping into the internet superpower known as a digital education product.

But first:

 What the heck is a
“digital education product”?

(fair enough ;)

here's the difference:

A digital product is simply a product you create, sell, and deliver 100% digitally (think: printables, templates, mockups, etc.).

A digital education product is a type of digital product that educates + teaches your audience a specific skill that you already have! You create this product once (ONCE!), charge a premium rate ($97!), and sell it over and over and over again. 

to this:




go from this:

Wall Art



to this:

14-Day Email Challenge



to this:

On-Demand Workshop



to this:

Online Course



to this:

Group Coaching Program



Basically, it’s your Willy Wonka golden ticket to more money, more freedom, and more time.

But you probably have more than a *few* questions…

“Is one digital product format better than another?”

“How do I get started (but seriously…how do I get started?!)?”

“What things do I actually include in my digital education product?”

“How good at tech do I have to be to make this work?”

“Can I REALLY charge more than $5 for this?!”

But seriously, #allthequestions

 Spoiler alert: yes you can!

And I get it— because when I *first* started selling digital education products, I had ALLLLLLL of those questions, too (probably more than you have!)

And that’s EXACTLY why I created: 

The accelerated high-touch coaching program + community for handmade business owners ready to quit trading time for dollars and exponentially grow their revenue through strategic passive income.

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In Passive Profit Academy, we provide transformative training, toolkits, and frameworks paired with high-touch support + coaching, community support, and personalized feedback to ensure that you have EVERYTHING you need to create a wildly profitable passive income stream in your business.

It’s the program you didn’t know you needed, but can’t imagine life without it. 

This isn’t “just another online course…”

Your dreams are high-level, and that means your support should be, too!

Inside Passive Profit Academy you’ll get access to a comprehensive experience that will not only support you from a business perspective, but also personally, too (because I truly believe those two aspects to be intertwined)

You’ll receive access to the high-level Passive Profit Academy framework via Thinkific for your 12 months within this program.

With new content dripped out every 2 weeks to keep overwhelm to a minimum, you’ll get EXACTLY what you need to be working on at any given moment— never more, never less. This laser-focused strategy is designed to help you reach your business goals in a very achievable way— without the analysis paralysis that plagues so many entrepreneurs when they try to DIY from Google articles.

You’ll know EXACTLY what to focus on RIGHT NOW so you can build that solid passive income foundation and reach your revenue goals in the most efficient way possible!

Passive Profit Academy High-Level Curriculum

We take “support” to a whole new level inside Passive Profit Academy and once you enroll, you’re immediately paired with a high-touch accountability coach that will connect with you 1:1 monthly (via Voxer) throughout your entire 12 month next-level journey to offer you guidance, accountability, and make sure you're on track to reach your goals!

In between your accountability check-ins, you have the opportunity to participate in our monthly "Mindset Reset" power sessions where we'll come together to power through any personal mindset roadblocks you're facing so that you can keep making progress towards your goals!

(yep, we already know that this aspect alone is worth the ENTIRE cost of the program— it’s our favorite part, too!)

Accountability + Mindset Coaching



I know you’re busy, so we give you all the templates + swipe copy you need to quickly get your passive income offer(s) up and running.

Simply use our plug-and-play templates, customize them to YOUR unique brand and offer, and get ready to watch the profits start rolling in faster than ever.

Templates + Done-For-You Swipe Copy


Need some guidance directly from Team Morgan Nield? These 60-minute calls are EXCLUSIVE only to Passive Profit Academy students and are where you’ll get 1:1 attention from Morgan and/or Team Morgan Nield for additional support on anything that is popping up in your business.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions that will be answered on the call whether you are there live or catching the replay at your convenience.

2X/Month Group Strategy Coaching Calls


Ever wanted to be part of a Mastermind? Now’s your chance! The Passive Profit Academy Facebook community will become your biggest cheerleaders— and best (business) friends! Morgan and her team also pop into the group to provide ongoing support in between our 2x/month coaching calls to ensure you’re you’re getting the feedback + help you need when you need it

We use our private FB community as our main hub for communication— and you’ll be able to find everything you need to feel supported there!

Private Facebook Group For Support + Community


Want to know the secret to creating a ridiculously successful business?

Getting trained eyes to review your content + offer feedback before you publish it!

And that's EXACTLY what we offer inside Passive Profit Acadmey. Every other week you'll have the opportunity to submit up to 2 pieces of "homework" to get personalized reviews from Morgan + Team PPA.

You'll get actionable, expert feedback on your copy, structure, strategy, and so much more so that you are 100% confident in everything you put out there in your business!

Bi-weekly Critique + Feedback Calls


My team + I can’t wait to see if you’re
the perfect fit for Passive Profit Academy! 

Fill out the short + sweet application form below so we can learn more about you + your unique business— and see just how we can personally help you build out strategic passive income streams in your business to lead a life fulfilled personally, creatively, and financially!

Don’t be shy! 

The more details you share, the better we’ll be able to decide if you’re a great fit for Passive Profit Academy and the transformative business experience we provide!  

Our clients usually come to us in one of these scenarios:

client #1

client #2

client #3

The burned out Etsy seller who is trying to do #allthethings #allthetime and has fallen out of love with their current business model 

Etsy seller who has plateaued in their revenue and can’t figure out how to get to that “elusive” next level

Etsy seller who is tired of trading time for dollars and wants to scale their business revenue in a way that doesn’t increase their workload

Regardless of which scenario describes you best (I personally vibed with #1!), the answer to your problem is stupid-simple:

Your business needs to tap into that elusive passive income stream, like, yesterday.

It’s the key to creating that simplified business you’ve been dreaming of…without sacrificing your revenue along the way.

…and I can’t wait to show you how to do it!

In Passive Profit Academy, we’re going to teach you how to add to (or replace!) your current Etsy income with lessons on:




+ Delivery


……and so much more!

If it has to do with passive income, you better believe we’re tackling it in-depth inside Passive Profit Academy!

(Psst! If you’re a detail person, I encourage you to apply. You’ll get ALL of the details about the program (timeline, price, exact curriculum, etc) in an exclusive private training you’ll be invited to!)

Have we not formally met?
If not, let’s do something about it!

I'm Morgan Nield...

Mother. Friend to all cats. Obsessed with alllllllll things Disney.

And while our business stories probably aren’t *exactly* the same, I bet we have a few things in common…

My baby headband shop left me feeling overworked, underpaid, and constantly feeling like my business controlled my life (the idea of taking a “vacation” was a foreign concept to me— what if it all disappeared overnight?!)


It took a surprise pregnancy and a bout with hyperemesis gravidarum to realize that my business— while successful on paper—wasn’t serving me…I was trapped. And that’s when I knew something had to change.

Fast forward to 2021 and I’ve pivoted to build a multi-six figure business selling digital education products that I absolutely LOVE to create and share with my audience (without a single trip to the post office required!). And that’s when I knew something had to change.

Your life before Passive Profit Academy:

Constant feelings that your business is running YOU…and not the other way around

Stressed from having to show up 24/7/365 to work on your business…and on tasks you don’t even enjoy!

Hitting that same dang income plateau no matter what shiny new marketing strategy you try

Scared to take a “break” from the business because it can’t run without you

Overwhelmed by everything you could be doing to grow your business…but never having enough time to make it happen because you’re so busy filling orders

Enviously watching other creative business owners make money seemingly effortlessly— while you’re hustling your butt off for every. Single. Sale.

Daydreaming what it *would* be like to have passive income in your business…but never feeling confident enough to take action

Your life after
Passive Profit Academy

You have the freedom of knowing you can stop selling physical products at ANY time—because your passive revenue has more than replaced your income.

You can *gasp* take a day, week, even a MONTH from work without worrying— because your business makes money without you— and it feels incredible, btw!)

You finally feel IN CONTROL of your business— your business is gaining momentum even as you’re working less!

You’ve fallen back in love with your business and feel creatively inspired again

You’ve crafted a lifestyle that resonates with YOU— so you’re able to show up as your best self with your business, family, and friends.

We’re not “just another online course”

and here's why:

While you’ll get allllll the strategy you need (and then some!) to profitable launch a passive income stream in your business, it’s not the *only* thing you need to be successful.

Having a 1:1 accountability coach, supportive community, tried + tested templates and scripts, and real-time feedback on your work are just a few ways we go above and beyond to make sure you feel 100% supported every step of the way— and can confidently tap into your new, passive business model you were designed to have!

We value the entire EXPERIENCE over just strategy

As a busy mom, I am a key believer that your business should fit INTO your lifestyle…and NOT the other way around.

Before you ever begin implementing the framework inside Passive Profit Academy, we’ll dive deep into what YOU want from your business and the lifestyle you’re dreaming off— and then customize your business plan (+ schedule) accordingly so you don’t miss those soccer games ;)

We value a FULFILLED LIFE over the hustle mentality

Instead of having you do #allthethings #allatonce, you’ll get personalized guidance on where YOU need to start in the program to see the best results.

Our approach is simple: create, automate, optimize. You’ll create ONE product, automate the delivery of it, and then optimize the heck out of it before moving on— so you’re only focused on ONE thing at a time— and you can say goodbye (or good riddance) to overwhelm— because it doesn’t live here!

We value OPTIMIZATION over overwhelm

Your life is stressful enough— you don’t need to be stressed out about when + where the money is coming from when you’re not working.

We’ll automate every aspect of your business that you can so that if you need to take a day off, your business can be working FOR you— driving consistent, daily sales. 

We value CONSISTENT GROWTH over feast or famine

If you meet these criteria, you’re most likely a
match-made-in-heaven fit for Passive Profit Academy:

If you meet these criteria, you’re most likely a match-made-in-heaven fit for Passive Profit Academy:


You have a standalone website off of Etsy (or are willing to get one very soon) and are committed to embracing your email list as a critical (+ profitable!) part of your business success.

You are committed to taking 100% responsibility for your experience and not blame your results on anyone else. You are willing to show up, ask for feedback, and be ready to problem solve as needed.

You are willing to put in the extra work upfront so you can reap the many (MANY) profitable rewards later.

You are done putting it off and are ready to invest time, money, effort, and resources in yourself and your business to get results sooner, not later.

Okay, so what’s the time commitment?

Let me guess— you’re busy, right?! Hey, me too! So here’s what you can expect to put into the program to see results:

I hear ya loud and clear— and that’s why it is more important than ever that you get your passive income stream up + going as quickly as possible— so your time isn’t stretched so thin!

In Phase 1, we’ll set up a very strategic schedule for you to follow— and explore ways that you can decrease your current workload (read: free up your time) without sacrificing your revenue.

We’ll also set a schedule for you with committed time blocks for you to work on the program— if you schedule them in, you’re more likely to get them done!

I’m already stretched to my limits— how on earth am I going to be able to find the time to do this incredible program?


Soon! Depending on where you’re starting from, we may need to spend the first few weeks building up your email list, but after that? You’ll introduce a strategic $97 paid workshop in just a couple of weeks— and begin earning revenue right away! Then, we’ll automate that for evergreen sales and dive into bigger revenue streams!

TL;DR? You’ll start earning your investment back within Month 1, and our goal is to have you earn back your ENTIRE investment by Month 3 :)

How long will it take me to start earning back my investment?


Before I answer that, I have a question for you: How long are you ready to keep putting off adding a (wildly profitable) passive income stream to your business?

I strategically designed Passive Profit Academy to be THE program that kicks your butt into gear and pushes you to take action in a way that no “lifetime access!” course can. During our time together, you can work at your own pace, knowing that you have more than enough time to build your passive income empire. You should be able to implement EVERYTHING within the program in 6 months or less if you are dedicated (but don’t worry— you’ll start earning back your investment much, much sooner!)

I designed this program primarily with FLEXIBILITY in mind. I’m a busy mom, and chances are, you’re busy too. This program is 100% self-paced and as long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to log into the student portal to access the curriculum + community.

Can’t make a coaching session because the baby won’t nap? No worries! Submit your question and we’ll tag you in the (always available) replay so you can get it answered at a time that is good for YOU :) Don’t worry— we gotchu!

How long does it take to implement EVERYTHING in this amazing, life-changing program? Will I be able to do it all in 12 months??? Do I need to show up live for things?


There has NEVER been a better time to build passive income into your (newly simplified!) business model. 

The technology available today makes it SUPER simple and straightforward.

And the creative talents you *already* have? There are students across the WORLD actively searching for resources to learn those skills— and they’re just waiting to learn them from you!

Leave those excuses at the door— we don’t have the time or energy for them inside Passive Profit Academy!

“I don’t have enough time”

Creating passive income in your business is going to be the VERY thing that frees up your time! The longer you put it off, the longer you stay stuck in the hustle lifestyle. 

“I don’t know what I
want to create yet”

Good— that’s what we like to hear because that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to help you figure out :) We’re going to walk you through our signature method for nailing down a profitable niche that lights you up creatively and excites your audience.

“I’m not tech savvy enough
to make this work”

Yes you are! It’s 2021 and things have never been SO easy to set up passive income in your business. The tech may seem intimidating at first, but I promise it’s easier than you think— and we’ll guide you every step of the way!

“I’m scared about investing in
myself + my business”

You wanna know a secret? EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS OWNER I know is scared before they invest in their business. Even if they’ve been doing it for years. It comes with the entrepreneurship territory ;)

The clarity and confidence you’re looking for comes from TAKING ACTION— and not waiting for that “right time” to make it happen. You invest, take action, and out pops confidence.

It’s like magic ;)

You’ve got this. You’ve SO got this. 

It’s YOUR time.

And that means it’s time to stop playing small and hiding behind that never-ending pile of inventory that’s been eating up your dining room table.

You CAN build a creative business that doesn’t require you to show up 24/7 fulfilling orders and answering nonstop convos.

And we’re going to get you there inside Passive Profit Academy.

You’ve got two choices here.


You can stay on the hustle bus, struggling to keep up with doing #allthethings #allthetime and never feeling like you’re fully in control of your business— because it can’t run without you



Reach your goals and do it quickly— with the step-by-step guidance you need to take action and make the progress you’ve only been dreaming about

Stay Stuck.

Join Passive Profit Academy.

Think about your goals for 2021

Do you have a plan for how you’re going to get there?

(hint: we have that plan— and we can’t wait to share it with you!)

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