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Simplified business strategy for growing an online biz that supports your lifestyle

With your host — Morgan Nield

Think business has to be hard?

Think again.

The Simplify Your Sales podcast is all about taking 
complex business strategy and making it easy.

Easy to understand. Easy to implement. Easy to see results.

(yep, just like magic!)

“The best!”

This is my absolute favorite podcast! So many amazing tips and good actionable info about running a small business!

“The best!”

Morgan always has so much great advice to share along with amazing strategies to take action and stop just thinking.

“The best!”

I stumbled across this podcast while trying to find something to listen to while packaging orders and I love it! 



Grab those earbuds and get your binge on!

Should you add a passive income stream to your business? Let’s talk!

Tune in: Apple Podcast|Spotify|Stitcher Hey there and welcome to another episode of the Simplify Your Sales podcast! Today I wanted to talk about passive income– because while I love my baby headband business and all the many opportunities it has given me– I mean, I wouldn’t be speaking to you today on this podcast without […]


The quick + dirty guide to getting started selling digital products ASAP

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How to (easily!) price your products for major profit

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5 things I wish I had known before I began selling digital products

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4 digital product ideas for Etsy sellers that you can easily charge $27+ for (seriously)

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A beginner’s (quick-start) guide to Print on Demand selling on Etsy

Tune in: Apple Podcast|Spotify|Stitcher Today’s JV podcast episode is from a woman of MANY talents– the lovely Stephanie Smith. She’s the name + face behind  and has an insane passion for what she calls “resetting the creativity button” for every single human she comes in contact with– and encouraging them to make money while […]


Stuck in a revenue rut? Here’s the fastest way to grow your sales

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How to make more sales on Etsy with the traffic you already have

   Tune in: Apple Podcast|Spotify|Stitcher Hey! And welcome to another episode of Simplify Your Sales podcast! Today is ALLLLLLL about revving up your revenue using the traffic you already have! Yep, we’re diving DEEP into your conversion rate, what it is, why it matters, and then I’m going to give you 3 things that YOU […]


How to pivot your business when you’re no longer passionate

Tune in: Apple Podcast|Spotify|Stitcher Today I wanted to talk to you about business pivots. This topic is near + dear to my heart as I begin to pivot again a bit in my own business– which I’ll talk about today– but I also know it’s near and dear to a lot of sellers I work […]


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