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Simplify Your Sales


Simplified business strategy for growing an online biz that supports your lifestyle

With your host — Morgan Nield

Think business has to be hard?

Think again.

The Simplify Your Sales podcast is all about taking 
complex business strategy and making it easy.

Easy to understand. Easy to implement. Easy to see results.

(yep, just like magic!)

“The best!”

This is my absolute favorite podcast! So many amazing tips and good actionable info about running a small business!

“The best!”

Morgan always has so much great advice to share along with amazing strategies to take action and stop just thinking.

“The best!”

I stumbled across this podcast while trying to find something to listen to while packaging orders and I love it! 



Grab those earbuds and get your binge on!

A step-by-step guide to turn VIEWS into SALES on Etsy

“How can I turn my views on Etsy into sales?!?!?!”

This is without a doubt the #1 question I am asked every. single. day. in my email inbox.

And today, I’m going to attempt to answer that because:

  1. it’s a really good question, and
  2. it’s definitely worth an entire blog post and not just a quick email response 🙂

Alright, so how DO you turn those visits/views into sales? Well that’s the million dollar question, and today I’m giving you the honest answer….


Optimize your pinterest profile – a step-by-step guide for Etsy sellers

Tired of hearing everyone tell you to “get on Pinterest”? I hear you! It’s one of those really lame-o pieces of advice that people offer that– while good in theory– don’t actually tell you anything. Like, okay, I’ll “get on Pinterest,” and now what?!?!?!?! I’m here to help you figure out that “now what?!?!?!” bit […]


How to improve your conversion rate (and start making MORE $$$ with LESS traffic)

So you’ve got your Etsy shop opened– congratulations! That’s no small feat (I get exhausted just thinking about opening up a new one!) and you definitely deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. But (as I’m sure you’ve guessed!) the work is hardly over. In fact, there’s still a lot to […]


6 Myths about selling on Etsy that I’ve found to be complete garbage

Guys. This post is about to get real 🙂

Today we’re going to talk about all of the discouragement and myths that people say about selling on Etsy. And if we’re being honest? They might even been things that you’ve said at one point or another.

In fact, if you’ve ever been discouraged about selling on Etsy, you’ve probably fallen prey to some of the more popular myths out there:


4 Mistakes that Seriously Limit Your Sales on Etsy

Since starting my Etsy shop, I’ve tried TONS of different strategies to drive more traffic and make more sales.

Some have been CRAZY successes. You know– the kind you can repeat over and over again and see crazy-amazing results every single time.

But had I known which strategies to avoid? What marketing tips that were duds? What myths were holding me back from reaching my crazy Etsy dreams?

Well, I probably would have earned that six-figure income a lot faster 😉 >>>


5 reasons why your Etsy shop needs a marketing system

Have you ever fallen down the rabbit hole of Etsy and been insanely jealous of shop after shop after shop that just seemed to be OVERFLOWING with sales while your product was just as good (and let’s face it—maybe even better) and you are still hustling hard every. single. day. just to hear that one […]


How to start a blog for your Etsy shop

If blogging is one of those terms that makes you break out in hives at the mere mention of the word, then today’s post is for you 🙂 You’ve probably heard everyone and their dog say that you should be blogging, but it’s hard to commit to— I totally get that! You’re a busy seller […]


The 3 statistics that actually matter to your Etsy shop

When I opened my first Etsy chop circa 2011 I was obsessed with stats. Seriously—I would find myself popping into my Etsy shop 8-10x/day just to see how many views I had, if I was getting favorites, and all that jazz.

And while it’s not bad in and of itself to check in on your stats (and if you aren’t currently doing it, you should be!), it can become a really unhealthy cycle when you start obsessing over ALL the numbers instead of focusing on the ones that really matter—the ones that bring you sales.

Yes, that’s right—not all views and favorites and likes are created equal…


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adding New Product to your Etsy Shop

Adding new product to your Etsy shop is a fantastic way to give your sales a boost, but sometimes in our overwhelm to add more and more new product, we lose sight of the bigger picture–the brand experience we’re creating.

So before you add 10 new products in a hurry to keep relevant on Etsy, take a moment and answer these 5 questions about the product you’re planning on adding to your shop…


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