2019 | Morgan Nield


Simplify Your Sales


Simplified business strategy for growing an online biz that supports your lifestyle

With your host — Morgan Nield

Think business has to be hard?

Think again.

The Simplify Your Sales podcast is all about taking 
complex business strategy and making it easy.

Easy to understand. Easy to implement. Easy to see results.

(yep, just like magic!)

“The best!”

This is my absolute favorite podcast! So many amazing tips and good actionable info about running a small business!

“The best!”

Morgan always has so much great advice to share along with amazing strategies to take action and stop just thinking.

“The best!”

I stumbled across this podcast while trying to find something to listen to while packaging orders and I love it! 



Grab those earbuds and get your binge on!

Harry Potter, funny cat videos, and your Etsy shop on autopilot

It happened again… *facepalm* Man, I always have the BEST of intentions. I opened up my Macbook to get working on fine-tuning the Simplify Your Sales challenge when I heard that distracting *ding* of my inbox. (pre-ps- have you joined the free challenge yet?! It’s 5-days of LASER-FOCUSED strategy designed to help you start growing […]


Boostrapping your Etsy shop: How to know WHEN it’s time to invest in your business (or if you even should!)

*bangs head against desk* (It’s never a good sign when a post starts out like that, #amiright?!) But OOOOH, we’re going to talk about a good one today– and it involves busting the HECK out of the ever-popular MYTH that “You can build an online business for “free” as long as you hustle your buns […]


Is Your PRODUCT What’s Costing You Sales on Etsy?

We spend A LOT of time talking about marketing here on this blog. And for good reason– if you don’t know how to market your product, you’re never going to get found. However. One thing we don’t talk about a lot is the fact that sometimes you’re doing #alltherightthings with marketing your Etsy shop… …but […]


How Ditching Social Media (!!!) Can Make You More Sales on Etsy

If you feel like you are hustling nonstop week after week to market and sell your products, it’s time to reevaluate your “strategy.” Social media is NOT the best (or most efficient!) way to promote your Etsy shop. (wait…wha?!?!) Here’s the deal: I KNOW you’re busy and I KNOW you have so much to do […]


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