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Simplify Your Sales


Simplified business strategy for growing an online biz that supports your lifestyle

With your host — Morgan Nield

Think business has to be hard?

Think again.

The Simplify Your Sales podcast is all about taking 
complex business strategy and making it easy.

Easy to understand. Easy to implement. Easy to see results.

(yep, just like magic!)

“The best!”

This is my absolute favorite podcast! So many amazing tips and good actionable info about running a small business!

“The best!”

Morgan always has so much great advice to share along with amazing strategies to take action and stop just thinking.

“The best!”

I stumbled across this podcast while trying to find something to listen to while packaging orders and I love it! 



Grab those earbuds and get your binge on!

How to start a blog for your Etsy shop

If blogging is one of those terms that makes you break out in hives at the mere mention of the word, then today’s post is for you 🙂 You’ve probably heard everyone and their dog say that you should be blogging, but it’s hard to commit to— I totally get that! You’re a busy seller […]


The 3 statistics that actually matter to your Etsy shop

When I opened my first Etsy chop circa 2011 I was obsessed with stats. Seriously—I would find myself popping into my Etsy shop 8-10x/day just to see how many views I had, if I was getting favorites, and all that jazz.

And while it’s not bad in and of itself to check in on your stats (and if you aren’t currently doing it, you should be!), it can become a really unhealthy cycle when you start obsessing over ALL the numbers instead of focusing on the ones that really matter—the ones that bring you sales.

Yes, that’s right—not all views and favorites and likes are created equal…


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adding New Product to your Etsy Shop

Adding new product to your Etsy shop is a fantastic way to give your sales a boost, but sometimes in our overwhelm to add more and more new product, we lose sight of the bigger picture–the brand experience we’re creating.

So before you add 10 new products in a hurry to keep relevant on Etsy, take a moment and answer these 5 questions about the product you’re planning on adding to your shop…


The 5 Best Marketing Platforms for your Etsy Shop

Driving traffic from multiple channels is absolutely CRITICAL to your long-term Etsy success.

But I can sense you shaking your head—you don’t have time for marketing on multiple platforms—you’re already stressed to the max trying to make your product—how are you supposed to find the time to promote your Etsy shop across a whole slew of channels?

Spoiler alert: It’s not as bad as you think 🙂 …


How to Write Copy that Converts like Crazy!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Picture-perfect photos are what get your customer in the door, but crafting clever copy is THE KEY to turning that casual browser into a paying customer.

And paying customers = profitable Etsy shop 🙂

Today I’m sharing 6 (because I couldn’t stop at 5!) of my favorite strategies to help you revive the copy in your Etsy shop so that it is succinct, persuasive, and will convert like crazy (<– let’s be honest, that’s the real perk here!)…


Unique Selling Proposition 101 – Stand Out In The Crowd

One of the hardest parts of running an Etsy shop is in those early days is hustling like crazy listing product, only to put it out in the world to sell….and watch it fall flat on it’s face.  

(hey, I’ve definitely been there!)

And while it’s usually not that difficult to fix the actual problem, it IS difficult to pinpoint that actual problem—because it could honestly be any small thing…


Product Pricing 101 – Pricing Basics for Your Etsy Shop (Retail + Wholesale)

If you opened your Etsy shop to crickets, chances are you’ve probably adjusted your prices. A few times. At least.

Hey, we’ve all done it, so you’re in good company, my friend!

If pricing your products has you completely overwhelmed (“I’d never pay that much for _____!”), then stop whatever you were doing and let’s get one thing straight: Your mindset is wrong.

We’re not pricing based on what you would pay for your items (you can make them yourself, so why would you ever buy them anyways?!)– we’re pricing our products based on a simple math formula that produces consistent, achievable numbers every. single. time….


Branding 101 – Branding Basics for your Etsy Shop

When most of us think about branding, a logo is the first thing that pops into our minds. And yes, your logo is a HUGE portion of your visual identity as a brand, but there is SO much more to branding than just having a pretty logo (although that definitely helps!).

Today we’re going to define what branding really is, how to create a memorable one, and how you can up your branding game across all your platforms…


How To Get More Done In Less Time (AKA Every Etsy Shop Owner’s Dream)

If you woke up this morning overwhelmed by the very thought of everything you have to get done with your small biz today, then you have landed in the right place! It happens to all of us—there are just sooooooo many tasks that come with running a business that it’s easy to get bogged down by to-do lists that never seem to end.

Running a business is supposed to be fun. Yes, hard work, but fun as well. And driving yourself into the ground just trying to get things done?

That’s definitely the opposite of fun in my book.

So if you’re tired of doing a million tasks a day and still finding things slip through the cracks, then keep reading– because today I’m talking about kicking overwhelm to the curb and increasing your productivity 100 fold….


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