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The Blog

The bite-sized business strategy podcast where you can tune in while picking the kiddos up from school, and get back home with the biz breakthrough you’ve been searching for— and the take action steps to actually get it done.

Some of our favorites


Simplify Your Sales

The ONE strategy that took me from $3,356.25 to $104,572.29 in 1 year on Etsy

A behind-the-scenes look at the single strategy that changed everything for my business and earned me six figures my first year on Etsy (← a must-listen episode!)


How having FEWER listings can actually sell MORE product

The product line strategy that makes you MORE sales in the most effortless way possible. 


Demystifying the Etsy SEO Algorithm

The one where you learn 10 SEO hacks that’ll instantly boost your Etsy SEO score and get you in front of paying customers 


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